Etimat Designer 0.4Beta

Etimat Designer 0.4Beta is now live. Important fixes Fixed crashes caused by lists Fixed backgrounds on templates+home screen Fixed sizes on multiple screens Fixed same image on multiple objects (redone the crop cache system) Improvements A lot of improvements to the rendering engine and the app Improvements on the loading time (reading my designs list) … Read more

Etimat Designer 0.36 Beta

Etimat Designer 0.36Beta is now online. It contains many important fixes and improvements. Important fixes Fixed crash caused by image cropping Fixed crash on templates screen Fixed crash in quick editor screen while editing an element Fixed the cancel event on element properties Improvements Small improvements on text editor screen (now you can switch on/off … Read more

Etimat Designer first public release

I guess this is instead of a classic “Hello, Wold!” post. We are proud to announce the fist public availability of¬†Etimat Designer, a free Android app.¬†Etimat Designer helps anyone create graphic designs without needing a PC or complicated tools