Exporting from Etimat Designer

As you already know, you can use Etimat Designer to create graphic designs without needing a PC or complicated tools, this means Etimat Designer empowers people to create graphic designs without having to be an expert.

One key difference of Etimat Designer comparing to other similar apps is that you can work offline once you had downloaded the template.

Another key difference is the export functionality. Depending on your needs, Etimat Designer can export to multiple file formats.

You can access the Export Dialog from the Details Screen.

The Export Dialog offers some advanced options, it lets you choose the appropriate file format depending on your necessities:

  • JPG – great for web sharing (you can also choose the quality value)
  • PNG – similar with JPG but with lossless compression
  • PDF – appropriate for printing; it also preserve all vectors and can be imported in professional desktop apps like: Illustrator, Affinity Design or CorelDraw
  • SVG – this format is a vector format used to be imported in vector editing apps (it preserves all vectors)

You can download the latest version of Etimat Designer from Google Play.